My tips for the Chicago CME PANRE Review Course

I took the Chicago 5-Day PANRE prep course (in Chicago) in June 2018. It was a grueling but helpful course and I passed PANRE! Follow my survival tips below for a successful course! 

1.    When you register, you have the option to buy the printed handouts/study guides for each lecture. Buy it! But think about how much 1200 pages really is, and make sure it will fit in any luggage you have for the travel home! The binder is HUGE! I sat on mine for the flight home. 

2.    Forget public decency and social formalities and just wear sweatpants, spanx, leggings, or any other workout clothes. Sitting for 10 hours/day for 3 to 5 days is uncomfortable. Keep your jeans in your luggage. Bring a sweater, scarf, burka, caftan, or fleece blanket to keep warm as the conference rooms are usually cold! Hoodies are great! 

3.    Bring healthy snacks and drinks to keep nearby; but do your fellow PAs a service and AVOID loud crunchy foods (I’m looking at you CT surgery PA who sat behind me and ate raw carrots every day!). 

4.    Get up and walk at every opportunity. Visit the bathroom and avoid becoming a bladder pathology during the course. Your urinary system will thank you. You can get up during lectures if you must, but please please please shut the door gently and quietly. 

5.    Do not consume any alcohol during the course until after the last lecture. There is no room or time for it. PA school is over and none of us can metabolize alcohol like we used to. You will feel the margarita the next day. 

6.    Seriously, get a good night’s sleep, and avoid late night coffee/caffeine. The course runs long each day and a two-hour practice test is offered each evening (you must do the practice tests in order to qualify for the money back guarantee). You can’t afford insomnia. 

7.    On the other hand, drink coffee every morning and at the lunch breaks. It’s hard to stay awake, especially around day 3. 

8.    Don’t ask questions during the lecture. Keep notes of what you need to look up and what you MUST ask the lecturer later. There is too much material for everyone to be asking questions during each lecture. You’re a sophisticated PA, you can look it up. 

9.    Also keeps the hands down about how “that’s not how we do it in the real world”. We all know, and we all agree. You’re not the first to notice, and also, news flash, you’re not here to learn about the real world. You are here to learn about NCCPA world and how to take a very expensive and ‘necessary to practice’ certification exam.

10.  Lastly, SOCIALIZE! This is a great opportunity to network with nationwide PAs and learn about what others are up to. Arrange a group work out session or gather together at the hotel pool/lounge. Compare careers, practice laws, and future goals. It is not very often you get closed up in a room with such brilliant minds!