Attend a healthcare networking event!

Tonight I attended my first healthcare networking event, hosted by Healthcare Social Network (HCSN) in New York. I am so impressed and inspired I just had to write about it. 

When I was initially invited, I was quite hesitant as I usually hate large events where I am meeting new people. This event was particularly intimidating as there would of course be many intelligent people with amazing forward thinking ideas I just didn't think I was worth enough to participate. I eventually overcame that fear (thank you gin and tonic) and with the support of one of HCSN's founders Alex Tang, I mustered enough courage to put on a name tag and wander around. I met so many brilliant minds and my inspiration to work in healthcare was completely rejuvenated. The realization that so many people from different backgrounds had so many ideas to improve healthcare not only in New York but nationwide was truly inspiring. I met some amazing PAs, MDs, healthcare consultants, healthcare salesmen, and people in healthcare leadership. 

My lessons here are: 

1- Never shy away from a networking event in your field. You will meet so many amazing people at different places and different stages in that field

2- Those people can teach you so much (and you can teach them) as you have all had different training and different experiences. 

3- You may have your eyes opened to potential future career opportunities that you didn't even know existed

4- You may also find yourself connecting with someone who has a business plan or idea that can boost your own business endeavors 

5- As a clinician you can grow your own professional network of referrals and professionals who may be able to council you through a tough clinical situation

6- You may get some free booze!!